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marrying at the end of the world

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🇬🇧 GG writes: 3 days ago, I’ve put for the very first time in my life my feet on the South American continent. And I landed: inmidst the carneval of Rio! How could these happen, as the title of this blog suggests a trip to the end of the world?…in fact our trip started in Rio because we have been planning for a long time a trip to Brazil. While planning, we realized that The Iguazu Waterfalls are very close to Argentine and that Argentine is the country which ‘hosts’ Fireland. One must know that there is an old, weird idea of Joe, that he would, if ever, only marry in Fireland. To make this more special, I mention that he decided this more then 25 years ago behind the Berlin wall, when this idea was really very absurd. We can suppose that he wanted to be inaccessible?
Anyway, when planning the trip we remembered this option and the wedding plan somehow took forms. So we started to plan, that instead of discovering Brazil during 4 weeks, we will head to the very South of the continent, and stay only ca. 1 week in Brazil to meet Brazilian friends and to get a first impression of this huge and various country.
So in November 2014 we started our research concerning the question, what documents and steps are necessary for the marriage at the ‘end of the world’. I will write about this later. Fact is, that by now we have all necessary documents and all information where we should do what…. But we do not have any appointment with the registro civil (the office where weddings are done) and we didn’t pass yet a mysterious, from the Argentinian goverment required ‘medical marriage test’.
Thus, we are very optimist to succeed in this, but finally we have no clue if ithis will work out. We invite you to be our witnesses (by the way we have also to find 2 Argentinian citizen willing to be our wedding witnesses)…
When we booked the flight it appeared to us, that there will be carneval in Rio, but we didn’t think to much about it. It was an intense initialization to the Brazilian culture! If you are interested into the details, please read Joe’s description of our first days in Brazil!

Rio_de_Janeiro Praia de Copacabana

Rio_de_Janeiro Praia de Copacabana

Rio_de_Janeiro Praia de Copacabana

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