🇬🇧 Introduction (1)

marrying at the end of the world

🇬🇧 GG: Dear reader, welcome to my/our new (and first) blog!

I was encouraged to write an intercultural blog several times, because I travel a lot and indeed I experience often ‘intercultural’ and other adventures. When I recently told some colleagues about my new ‘mission‘:trying to marry at the end of the world, (it was at a nice round table with good food in a Parisian restaurant), and the next day, one of my French colleagues invited me to read her last year’s blog about a 10 weektrip in the US, I thought, ok then, now the time has come for me to try that.

So this special marrying-at-the-end-of-the-world-chapter I will write together with the partner for the mission, let’s call him here Joe. The blog will be bilingual, English and German. You will see we have different writing styles.

Our trip began yesterday, and it starts in ….