🇬🇧 Ushuaia – Fireland: Preparing the marriage (Odyssey prenuptialis australis Part 1) 🇦🇷 (22)

marrying at the end of the world

🇬🇧 GG: Now, we are in Fireland, in Ushuaia, the Southernmost city of the world, right in the core of our mission, and the most thrilling question is now, as the title oft this blog suggests, if we will succeed in marrying here… Because this is not obvious at all (see the introduction to this blog.)
We did what we could in preparing a part of the required documents in Germany – but that was only the German part. We had a list of requirements, composed of the information we had got from the internet, and – very important and helpful (see below) – of an e-mail from a guy, who works at the registro civil in Ushuaia. This personal contact was due to the fact, that I had asked a spanish native speaking colleague in December, if he might call for us in Ushuaia, to ask, if it is possible to marry there as German citizens, and if yes, to ask, what we would need. So my colleague tried several times to call there (thank you, Alex!) and finally somebody picked up the phone, and Alex could ask all these questions. And he was so lucid, that he asked his conversation partner (German Suarez) to send him an e-mail with all these requirements. (thank you even more, Alex!!!)
Just in case, that somebody catches fire of the idea, or is keen on details, I will publish the e-mail with the list of requirements here (it is also a good basis for the following report):

“Tengo el agrado de dirigirme a Ud. a fin de dar respuesta a la consulta formulada telefónicamente respecto a la Celebración de Matrimonio de personas de origen extranjero en nuestra jurisdicción.

Al respecto le informo que conforme lo establecido oportunamente (sin hacer redundancia de normativa a los criterios adoptados por nuestra Provincia de Tierra del Fuego en interpretaciones de nuestra Constitución Nacional y nuestra Constitución Provincial) que: A los efectos del ejercicio del derecho a contraer matrimonio por parte de contrayentes de
 origen extranjero no residentes:

1) Se admitirá como prueba de residencia transitoria la exhibición del pasaporte con el sellado de ingreso al país y el plazo de estadía; deberá entrega de una fotocopia del mismo debidamente legalizada por el oficial público interviniente.

2) Certificado de domicilio (que tramitará ante la Policía Provincial) en el que permanecerá al menos uno de los contrayentes durante el mencionado el plazo.

3) Es condición necesaria la presentación de las Actas de Nacimiento con traducción al español.

4) Respecto a los testigos, se deberá regir conforme lo establecido al Código Civil, ello es: DOS (02) testigos Argentinos o Extranjero Radicado con Categoría Permanente y ambos con domicilio en la ciudad en donde se celebrará el matrimonio. Deberán concurrir ambos con su Documento Nacional de Identidad y fotocopia de los mismos

5) Realizar los Análisis Sanitarios prematrimoniales ante el Establecimiento de Salud Público disponible a los efectos. (los que tomarán aproximadamente 5 días hábiles dependiendo de la disponibilidad)

6) La ceremonia se llevará a cabo en el Edificio Público y en horario hábil. Si es del deseo de los contrayentes realizarlo fuera del Edificio Público y/o horario inhábil, podrá realizarlo solicitándolo previamente, lo que estará sujeto a la autorización pertinente por la Autoridad máxima de esta Dirección General. Además deberá abonar la tasa correspondiente, la que varía según lo solicitado (Aprox $ 600, equivalente a U$s 80.-).

7) Respecto a la validez del matrimonio fuera de la República Argentina, se deberá estar a la normativa en donde desee validar, lo que dependerá siempre del Estado en donde lo tramite y a las Fuentes del Derecho Privado Internacional.

Ante cualquier consulta no dude en volver a comunicarse con nosotros.

Sin más, lo saluda atentamente
 Dirección General

Registro de las Personas”

So to make you understand why it was so exciting and insecure (and still is) I will comment shortly the status quo we had before our departure. I will follow the order of the requirements as listed in the e-mail:

1 & 2) in the internet we found the information that this will be no problem, the same as said orally by Senor Suarez to my colleague Alex during the phone call

3) this was no problem, in Germany (or within the EU?) you can order via internet this documents in a multilingual edition.

4) one of the requirements which caused a certain discomfort – will we manage this, not knowing anybody in town?

5)another discomfort: what the hell is this?… and will we make it in time?

6) here the prevailing unease was due to the circumstances, that we couldn’t manage to get an appointment for this. What means that we came without any appointed time, having no clue if we will be able to get a hearing and that we had completely to trust to luck.

So yesterday we arrived early in the morning, and because it was Friday, we knew that we have to manage as much as possible on this very first day, namely until 2:00 p.m., because the institutions will close.

It became a long and strenuous day (we had traveled all night long), and things didn’t go easy.

We started with the registro civil (Standesamt, civil registry office). The full waiting room was the first thing to discourage us (it was already after 10.00 pm). Another point which caused sorrows is my poor Spanish speaking ability. I understand very much, because I know several Latin origin languages, but actively I cannot produce much in this language.  So when it was our turn, I told them in a broken Spanish, that we want to marry here. The lady was surprised and didn’t seem to be convinced. Fortunately I had the e-mail of Senor Suarez, and it was like a reference. She tried to call him, but didn’t find him. But, this was clear, she couldn’t send me away with this affirmation in my hands. She called another lady, Claudia (our angel!), because Claudia was very patient with us and started to fill in lots of papers and forms. I took her 2 hours. Meanwhile, Senor Suarez showed up and said hello, very informal, calling Alex, who was our intermediary, his friend.

Tomorrow I will continue in describing this, because it is late now and the Odyssey was long with several ups and downs, physically and metaphorically.

What is really exciting, is that after our first day, we still don’t know, if our risky plans will be realized.

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