🇬🇧 Ushuaia – Fireland: A day off from the odyssey prenuptialis australis 🇦🇷 (26)

marrying at the end of the world

Harberton Pinguin-Insel

🇬🇧 GG: If you want to get to know a country very quickly from ‘inside’ and see how people work, manage things, and react emotionally on stress or surprises, then decide to marry there, in 5 days from now!
That is, was we are experiencing right now, and it is very interesting and exciting. On the one hand, we meet and communicate with many local people, by depending on their willingness to support our idée fixe, and on the other hand, we encounter very emotional moments, when we dare to talk about our wedding project.
So yesterday. Because it was sunday, we had a break from our matrimonial preparations. We drove to a beautiful farm (estanza Haberton), from where we took a boat to a penguin colony island. The sun was shining (what is not obvious here) and the penguins and their babies were so cute!

Harberton Pinguin-Insel
Harberton Pinguin-Insel

Then we visited another village (there are only few in Fireland), a very idyllic, authentic fishermen place with a lovely little Seafood restaurant (which seems to be an insider´s tip – if you ever come here: the name is la mesita de Almanza).

It is a very small pace, and there are only 4 tables. The owner put us on a long table, together with other guests. I like this, when I am in holidays, because normally this kind of setting turns out to be very interactive. We have very nice memories of such restaurants in France… So first we started to talk in Spanish (you remember: my Spanish is poor) with a lovely elder couple on our right side, they were from the Island. Then we had a nice conversation with the other neighbors, a couple in our age from Buenos Aires. We stated, that we all love to travel and they speak English very well. We had an interesting dish which was the bestseller of the restaurant, some kind of seafood volcano – a stew with milk and cheese and king prawns. Volcano because it came boiling with bubbles, and staid very long very hot. It was good, but heavy. Probably a spoonful had about 700 calories, as my neighbor guessed.

We have chosen this because nearly everybody took it, but also because in the restaurant we couldn·t pay with credit card, and we just had cash in the amount of two portions of the volcano and a water.  In the beginning, when the cook saw us counting our money, she offered us (in French language!) that we can stay and wash the dishes, when it wouldn·t be enough. After eating, the waiter came and asked, if we want coffee or a dessert. We shook our heads, “no, thank you”. She said, the house invites us, so we had to take at least a coffee. Then our neighbors said, we have to try the chocolate volcano and ordered one for us. A very nice gesture, and we enjoyed also this second volcano. But I admit, that after lunch I was so full that I didn·t need to eat anymore until going to bed. Maybe because everyone was so nice in this restaurant and the atmosphere was so familiar, in the end I told the neighbors on the left side about our marriage plans. Of course they made it public  immediately, so that suddenly the whole restaurant paid attention to us. They asked why and we explained, then they started to applause and to cheer us. I think we both blushed and we were very embarrassed. Then my neighbor on the right had tears in her eyes, she kissed me several times, blessed me and gave me her Rosario as a gift. It was very moving.

Puerto Almanza

Puerto Almanza

The rest of the afternoon was also amazing, because of the landscape, the calm and the beauty of the colors.

Puerto Almanza


Another very nice and emotional encounter we had with 2 women in our Bed and Breakfast place, also they were enthusiast about our project and asked us everyday how we proceed. We had a lot of fun, because one of them (who is a very smart and humorful woman) asked me to look for her for a husband, voluntarily a German one). I am sure, we will stay in touch!


Tomorrow I will tell the rest of our prenuptial odyssey in Ushuaia. After another  long day with many administrative aspects, things look good now.

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